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Daymond John from $ 40, to 6 Billions!
"I start from $ 40, to 6 Billions!
Thanks to "Think and Grow Rich".
I read it every two or three years to keep my drive going."
Daymond John Success
-- Daymond John, founder and CEO of FUBU apparel
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Gerry Robert
I went from poverty to earning over $1 million in a single year while still in my twenties. How did I do that? I followed the advice in Mr. Hill's book, 'Think and Grow Rich!'. It's that simple."
-- Gerry Robert, author of "The Millionaire Mindset"
Gerry Robert
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Jamie McIntyreJamie McIntyre Jamie McIntyre was an Australian Author Who Failed English at School and Now Has 7 Successful Books in Bookshopsrecounts.
"15 years ago I was broke, $150,000 in debt.
Yet by the time I’d finished reading "Think and Grow Rich"
I knew I was going to become a self-made millionaire
in the not too distant future.
And less then 5 years later I was Millionaire!".”

Jamie McIntyre

Brian Tracy
"This is the Best Single book on Personal Success ever written; it made me Millionaire -- Starting from nothing."
-- Brian Tracy, author of Getting Rich You Own Way
Brian Tracy

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Look at People how Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Henry Ford, Antony Robbins, and the name of ALL "Fortune 500", and you can see that All were born poor.

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The Science of Success was created in 1908 by Dr. Napoleon Hill, dictated by Mr. Andrew Carnegie (the richest man in the world by that time). It took 25 years of studies and finally has got released to the world through the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Dr. Hill.

And this fact has not ended there as during more than these 100 years passed, millions of people have investigated this very science of success and applied in their lives and improved them.

Therefore after becoming wealthy themselves, they wrote books and shared all these big discoveries with the entire world.


90% of today’s millionaires, Were born in poverty and they SWEAR SOLEMNLY that they became Millionaires by applying this very “Science of Success”

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You could hear very different opinions in the streets about what to do (or not to do) to become Millionaire. But How much money do that people earn? What is the real authority based on to say if something Works or not?

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I'm going to tell you EXACTLY what needs to be done TO BECOME WEALTHY, and with this purpose , I'm going to take you by the hand of the greatest Authors and the greatest Eminences of the world in this matter.

The greatest Experts of the world of the last 100 years in the art of earning money will be your masters. Along with them I'm going to introduce you the 101 techniques, tips, ideas, articles and books which will permit you reach success.



Today in Internet you can see a lot of websites talking about "Make Big Money" and, as quickly they ask for your credit card number. True? You make the payment, and receive material, some videos, some eBooks, some "bonuses" and the more you read…the more you get disappointed. True? The years pass and your life is THE SAME, and you see NO MONEY in your hands. Isn’t that true?

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Remember, Success and Riches have ALWAYS begun as an Idea in the mind of a Person. The difference between the ones that reached success and the others is that the ones that reached success have fed that idea for years and years, until that idea took a root into the deepest of his subconscious and became real in his life.

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How to BE Rich
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You and More that 700,000 People!
Are Learning
"How To Be Rich" With Me!

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This is the First AND TRUE Step ONE in the Way to Be Rich!

Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883 - November 8, 1970) was an American author who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature. He is widely considered to be one of the great successful writers.

Think and Grow Rich is the best-selling book of his time. As soon as released became a Best-Seller ALL ARROUND THE WORLD with 60 Million Copies! Those would represent these days, 40 billion in sales return for Dr. Hill!!!

This means Dr. Hill just starts his career by being as rich as Bill Gates! (make a calculation of the income afterwards)

Today, 70 years later, "Think and Grow Rich" is still listed in the top SIX Best-Sellers Ranking (BusinessWeek Magazine's Best-Seller List ranked Think and Grow Rich as the SIXTH best-selling paperback business book 70 YEARS after it was first published). This Mark "Think a Grow Rich" as the "Eternal Best-Seller" achieving more than No other book archived ever.

Dr. Hill's work marked himself as one of the MORE INFLUENT PERSONS OF THE HISTORY, and as an example, he was an advisor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was Napoleon Hill who dictated to President Roosevelt the famous sentence "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself", the Breakthrough sentence which accomplished to transcend one of the worst financial crisis in the history of United States.

Here, you can see President Roosevelt opening his oath of Office with Napoleon Hill located at the right-behind, and stating his famous quote "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". Before this, the first duty of Napoleon Hill was building the working group of President Roosevelt in order to save the country from crisis and promotes United States to the success and wealth accomplished.

Napoleon Hill, was not only influent in the history of the world as he also changed the life of millions of people, upgrading them from poverty to wealth. 90% of today's greatest millionaires were born in poverty and reached wealth by reading Napoleon Hill's book OVER 10 TIMES. Here you can read testimonials of some of actual richest and famous people and will realize how ALL OF THEM tell you about the wealth achieved THANKS TO reading the book OVER 10 OR 15 TIMES:
Bob Proctor Love Think and Grow RichBob Proctor in Succeed Magazine It is almost 50 years since my mind was first exposed to "Think and Grow Rich". In 1963 my brother Al handed me a gift that I consider a true treasure. He gave me a copy of Think and Grow Rich! that he had bound in black Moroccan leather. Although I had already been studying another copy of the b ook for a few years, I have carried Al's copy with me Every Day, everywhere I go, since receiving it. So much in my life has changed for the better since that day. The philosophy contained in the pages is one of the best perspectives on success that you will find anywhere. As I am dictating thes words, I am sitting in my library sorrounded by a few thousand books - great books, but none of them had the impact on my life that Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich has. When Think and Grow Rich! was first placed in my hands, I was sitting in a fire hall in a suburb of Toronto, Canada. I was a very confused, un happy, and broke 26-years-old. I has virtually No formal education and No business experience. My mental focus was always on what I didn't have, what I was lacking, and why I couldn't do the things I dreamed about. However, Hill's work inspired me, it caused me to focus on what I could do. As I studied the powerful information shared in this book, I began to search for ways of how I could do things, rather than why I couldn't. I have formed the habit of reading a few lines from Think and Grow Rich! every day and have arrived at the conclusion that whatever challenge I may face, my solution will be found in the pages of this wonderfull book. Another habit I have formed that I would urge you to follow is to read the chapter on "Persistence" every day for 30 days at least twice a year. Recently, I traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysa, to speak at the international conference of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, where the Prime Minister of Malaysia was presented with the Napoleon Hill Award. Althoug Napoleon Hill has moved on the next phase of his eternal journey, the Napoleon Hill Foundation continues his great work. I clearly remember the moment I walked into the Foundation's library, which houses much of Hill's original Work. A deep feeling of gratitude came over me; I felt indebted to him and to the Foundation for the abundant life I enjoy. I strongly urge you to do as I dis some 46 years ago, to read Think and Grow Rich! over and over again until it becomes a part of your way of thinking, you way of being. You will be richly rewarded for ding so.
Bob Proctor Sing

-- Bob Proctor, Staff of "The Secret", best-selling author "You Were Born Rich" - June 22,2007

"The cogent advice articulated by Napoleon Hill is as relevant and pertinent today as the day it was written.”
-- Donald R. Keough, President and CEO of Coca-Cola

Emerson B. Hall
I first read 'Think and Grow Rich!' 30 years ago at age 18. I found it to be the most fascinating book I had, or have ever read, excluding the word of God. It is much more than instructions on how to obtain wealth. It strengthens your spirit, your soul, and promotes the proper attitude to achieve peace, endurance, and a loving family—the real measures of success in life. My life has been richly blessed as a result of reading and rereading 'Think and Grow Rich!'. Dr. Hill performed a wonderful work for mankind and was a useful vessel for God when he wrote this book for all people and all ages. I know all readers will be enriched upon reading this new edition of 'Think and Grow Rich!."
“-- Emerson B. Hall, President of TruBody Shaving Gels
Emerson B. Hall

Dr. Jim Tunney
My first copy of 'Think and Grow Rich!' by Napoleon Hill cost me 25 cents (yes, 2 dimes and a nickel) in a used book store. Dr. Hill's words in that book have inspired me for more than 35 years—and they still do. It's a classic at any price.”
-- Dr. Jim Tunney, former NFL referee, educator, speaker, author of "It's the Will, Not the Skill"
Dr. Jim Tunney

Bill Brooks
Dr. Hill’s original work transformed the 20th century. This newly revised version will do the same for the 21st century. No writer, thought leader or guru of personal growth and development comes close to Napoleon Hill. This landmark work takes his stature to an even more monumental level.”
-- Bill Brooks, author of "The New Science of Selling and Persuasion
Bill Brooks

Harvey Mackay
“"It's the classic of all classics."
-- Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 "New York Times" bestseller "Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive"
Harvey Mackay

"One of the most important days in my life was the day I began to read Think and Grow Rich in 1937"
-- W. Clement Stone

“'Think and Grow Rich!' is timeless and will continue to change lives. It’s powerful in turning people's dreams and passions into life-long realities. It did mine and still remains my number one reference book."
-- Don L. Price, professional speaker, author, sales/marketing & positive change solution provider

Peter Ebdon “It took me 17 years to become World Champion, but I always knew, deep down, that I would win the 'big one' someday. Napoleon Hill's 'Think And Grow Rich!' changed my life. It inspired and excited me, and with the belief in myself I received through its pages, I, too, passed the 'persistence' test and achieved my lifetime goal. This life-changing book will help you achieve your goals too!”
-- Peter Ebdon, World Snooker Champion 2002

Patricia Frip
“'Think and Grow Rich!' was one of the first motivational books I ever read. Often I pick it up and read a chapter....the ideas NEVER go out of date." Patricia Frip
-- Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, keynote speaker, speech coach, sales trainer, President of the National Speakers Association

 S. Truett Cathy
“"I was introduced to 'Think and Grow Rich!' as a high school student. This book was recommended to me by my teacher who taught a class called 'Everyday Living.' At that point in my life I suffered from low self-esteem, and this book was a motivating factor for me. It gave me a new lease on life when I realized I could do anything if I had the desire and believed I could achieve my goals."
-- S. Truett Cathy, founder, Chairman and CEO of Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Father Brian Cavanaugh
“ “Napoleon Hill’s writings have influenced my life to understand that our God-given destiny is to soar on eagles’ wings. You have to stretch yourself before you can soar, and once you have a burning desire, a significant goal you can stretch much farther than you previously had thought possible. Beware: Every time an eagle raises its wings to fly, someone will put an arrow to the bow, but remember, eagles can soar higher than any arrow can fly. May this revised and updated edition of Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich!' enable you to Reach—Stretch—Soar!”
-- Father Brian Cavanaugh (Third Order Franciscan), Franciscan University of Steubenville, editor of "Appleseeds" and author of "The Sower’s Seeds" series.

Dottie Walters
“ “"Napoleon Hill was not only a genius, he was an encouraging friend to all he met, including me. This book is a jewel! Buy lots of copies for your friends and clients.”
-- Dottie Walters, CSP, Walters International Speakers Bureau, Glendora, CA

Thomas Crum
“A classic! If you haven't read it, read it! If you have read it, read it again!”
-- Thomas Crum, author "The Magic of Conflict" and "Journey to the Center"

Cactus Jack Barringer
-- Cactus Jack Barringer, entrepreneur, inventor, salesman extraordinaire

“If you follow the principles in 'Think and Grow Rich!' and allow it to become a part of your life, you will be successful in all of your endeavors. I read 'Think and Grow Rich!' more than 50 times over the years while creating the world's first premium pest elimination company, servicing thousands of restaurants, hotels, hospitals and cruise ships halfway around the world. -- Al Burger, co-founder, with wife, Sandee, of Bugs Burger Bug Killers, Inc.

"I consider 'Think and Grow Rich!' the 'bible' of personal development, whose teachings, principles and wisdom are timeless. I have read it several times and continue to recommend the book to clients and audiences everywhere. Read it if you want to be successful!" -- Allan J Kleynhans, performance coach, professional speaker, South Africa
Oprah The Secret Oprah - Napoleon Hill have enriched my life I love Think and Grow Rich! Napoleon Hill have enriched my live! I have read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich 13 times!
Oprah Sing

-- Oprah, Staff of "The Secret", TV Super-Star

Will Smith
“'Think & Grow Rich!' is at the top of its genre. No book is as complete and thorough as this classic. It gave me, as an immigrant, the hope and the knowledge I needed to fulfill my dreams. Anybody who reads this book will learn Napoleon Hill’s wisdom and turn around their life. It’s a must for self-help book readers.”
-- Tony Alcázar, author of "La Nueva Raza Latina en América" ("The New Latino Race in America")
Tony Alcázar

Tom Hess
“The book that changed my life.”
-- Tom Hess, virtuoso guitarist and composer for the band HESS

Yanik Silver
“"'Think and Grow Rich!' is THE success and millionaire-making blueprint you absolutely must devour. It deserves careful study and reading not just once or twice but over and over again. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for more out of their life."
-- Yanik Silver, Internet entrepreneur and author of "Instant Internet Profits"

Karen E. Spaeder
“"Personal development isn't something that just happens; you have to work for it. This book cuts to the quick in the way of leading you down your own path toward individual freedom."
--Karen E. Spaeder, freelance business writer and
former Managing Editor of "Entrepreneur" magazine
Karen E. Spaeder

Jose Silva
"'Think and Grow Rich!' sits atop our late founder’s [Jose Silva] library. It is timeless wisdom for success."
-- Hilda Silva Rubio, Chairman/CEO, The Silva Method

Joe Turner
“ "I first read 'Think and Grow Rich!' over 30 years ago. While I was slow to put the lessons taught therein into practice (I worked for a large bureaucracy), when I did, the results were phenomenal, and the best part is that those lessons still work today as I share them with our team constantly. It is a timeless book."
-- Joe Turner, founder and Chairman of the FSMC chain of Wendy's restaurants, former Executive Director of IPTAY, the nation's most successful college athletic fundraising organization

Daymond John
"I read it every two or three years to keep my drive going."
-- Daymond John, founder and CEO of FUBU apparel
You can see here an Intervew of Daymon John in the CNBC named "From $ 40 to Billions!"
Think! If you Read "Think and Grow Rich" by 10 Times, you can Archieve the same of Daymon John!!!

Daren Carter
Daren Carter
“ "'Think and Grow Rich!' has had a tremendous impact on my life. My company, Contours Express, would not exist if not for this book. And now, seven years, 15 additional readings, and more than 350 fitness centers later, I still find new personal and business applications each time I read it. Without question this is the greatest business book ever written."
Daren Carter Sing
-- Daren Carter, founder of Contours Express fitness centers, located in six countries

Dr. Rick Saruna
“ "'Think and Grow Rich!' says it all. If you haven't read it you must. If you have read it, you must again. 'Rich' means so much more than financial riches. No other book combines the secrets of true riches better than the work of Napoleon Hill. If you feel there is anything lacking in your life, you will find the answers in this book. It is timeless, empowering and will motivate you to new levels. Buy it, read it, live it and you will have riches in all parts of your life.”
Dr. Rick Saruna Sing
-- Dr. Rick Saruna, therapist, speaker, creator of "Thought Shifting—Removing the Negative Inner Voice"

Gerry Robert
I went from poverty to earning over $1 million in a single year while still in my twenties. How did I do that? I followed the advice in Mr. Hill's book, 'Think and Grow Rich!'. It's that simple."
-- Gerry Robert, author of "The Millionaire Mindset"
Gerry Robert

Brian Tracy
"This is the Best Single book on Personal Success ever written; it made me Millionaire -- Starting from nothing."
-- Brian Tracy, author of Getting Rich You Own Way
Brian Tracy

How is This Possible?

Remember that this book comes along as a result of the greatest minds of the XX century, people like Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, 2 presidents of USA, and other 500 Wealthy men in every set of life; all of them guided by the most powerful and rich person of that time, Mr. Andrew Carnegie.

The Wisdom of this Science, made Napoleon Hill earned the same amount of money that Bill Gates have today. And with No help.

Mr. Carnegie never gave a single buck to Napoleon Hill. He only gave him recommendation letters which allowed Napoleon Hill to interview and coexist with the top 500 richest and powerful men of that time, to make a scientific investigation and be able to demonstrate (a 25 years long investigation) that EACH AND EVERYONE OF THIS MILLIONAIRES used the very same Secret that had allowed Mr. Andrew Carnegie become, from an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT of $0.4 daily income by thumping coal at a steel furnace, into the richest man of the world who owed IN CASH the equivalent of 6 times more than Bill Gate's amount (300 Billion Dollars!!! As BIG Amount of MONEY that Only the cifra Excited Me a Lot! But how girl can be not Excited by this HUGE amount of Money??? ^_^ ).

You can beleave that Mr. Carnegie had in his bank account THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT OF MONEY than the Government of United States of America TODAY?!?!

WOW! I DESIRE a MAN as This!!! ^_^ But how girl don't like a Really Big Rich Man as This??? ^_^

AND all these Increible Success, have been achieved by Mr. Carnegie, only because ONE SECRET. One BIG SECRET that if You Learn, you can archieve the Same Riches that Mr. Carnegie, a BIG SECRET that Napoleon Hill worked out for 25 years by researching, investigating and clarifying in order to effectively be able to explain to YOU obtaining RESULTS.

Do you REALLY understand that "Think and Grow Rich" book is THE TRUE SECRET that can make you achieve the SAME Success you've seen in the Life of all Millionaires shown in this page?

Remember, in the last 74 years, 90% of Millionaires around the world, made themselves millionaires ONLY by Reading "Think and Grow Rich" about 10 Times (or more). In this web you have been seen only a few of them, but THE WORLD is plenty of Millionaires made by "Think and Grow Rich"!!!

Then, Would you Like to be a Millionaire?


Have you read "Think and Grow Rich"?

Have you Really Read This Book about 10 times?



WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? The BIG SECRET of Riches is that if you Read "Think and Grow Rich" 10 Times or More, you REALLY make yourself Rich. THIS IS A ABSOLUTLY TRUE!!! IT IS A FACT!!!

I was corroborating this by Myself, in My Own Skyn! All thanks because my Master teach this to me and make to me Millionaire starting from NOTHING! He was corroborating this TRUE since 15 Years ago! And he Know that is a True Written in Stone (He told me one time ago, that he have gotten to think it was one of the TRUTHS written in Moses Tables by God, that "If you read Think and Grow Rich about 10 Times or more, you Become Rich!")

Seriously, since 1995 he was Making Millionaires around the World. He have 5 Doctorateds and He's Books and Films have been watched by 40 Million People! And he was been reconocido 2 veces como the More Wisdom Man in the World! In all these years, he have Really taken 501,523 poor people, and Made them Rich!!! (I Included! ^_^)

How did he achieve this MIRACLE???

EASY! he Literally OBLIGATED us to read "Think and Grow Rich" over and over again, until we became rich!

Do you realize?

NOW you can do the Same with yourself! You can OBLIGATE yourself to read "Think and Grow Rich", over and over again until you become rich!


Simply DO IT! You have seen the Success of all Millionaires of this website!

Now you Know the SECRET OF RICHES! Then TAKE ACTION and Start READING "Think and Grow Rich" NOW! Ok?

Ok! I only Need to tell you only one more thing.

Today a lot of people, are truly lazy and "addicted" to HD Films and Movies with a lot of special effects (I too ^_^). Then when they take a "simple book" in their hands, or when they Watch a Very Old Black & White Video about succeeding, they have NO RESPECT by the Wisdom of the MASTER who is in front of their eyes. These kind of people, judge the book only by the appearance, and they only see the Special Effects of Matrix, or Avatar, or Star Wars, and don't have enough intelligence to SEE the black & white 100 years old words of that MASTER, containing A LOT MORE POWER than any "Jedy" ever existed.

When they look at Napoleon Hill in his video, they only see an "old man" in some "normal desk", and they don`t give any relevance to whatever this "old man" says. And they do by this, the MOST IDIOT thing ever in their lives!

Because this "shy old man with a big heart", is really a SEXY 40 Billion Dollars Big Rich!!! (40 Billions in today's economy is Very Sexy!!! ^_^ Its Excited me a lot!!! ^_^), with the Big Influence on the "most powerful man of the world" (the president of USA), and with the Real Achievement of be the Man who made More Millionaires ever in Human history.

I can tell you that people who watch Napoleon Hill's Videos and only See an "Old Man" are a bunch of Very Stupid People, who remain poor ALL THEIR LIVES as a RETRIBUITION of stupidity.

I could say this louder, but not more clearly.

I'm going Now to ask you for THE SAME that My Master requested Me, the SAME that he requested ALL people he Personally Made Millionaire. Are you listening with All your Attention?

Ok, my request, is that NOW you watch this Video of Napoleon Hill, with ALL your Mind Open and you HIGHLY look at Dr. Napoleon Hill and consider him as YOUR "MASTER".

Not only your "professor" as also your "Master", same as Martial Arts Masters.

In Martial Arts, when your Master says anything, you listen that as the Greatest True in the World. And then you RULE your life following the same principles of that said.

Then, I can Guarantee you, that if you REALLY listen to Napoleon Hill as your "Master", and you DO ALL HE TEACHES with a Profound Respect and gratefulness, and if You read "Think and Grow Rich" about 10 times, and even MORE, Really Over and Over. Then I can Guarantee you, that you can achieve the SAME Success that ALL Millionaires you See on this website, the SAME success that I Really Achieve, the SAME Success that My Master made 501,523 people achieve, and THE SAME SUCCESS THAT HAS BEEN ARCHIEVED BY ALL MILLIONAIRES OF THE LAST 100 YEARS!

Are you Ready to Start Making yourself Millionaire?

You, and me, together, are going to start Now, to Make you Millionaire. We are going to work together a Lot. We are going to Study together a lot. And we are going to Build The Same BIG SUCCESS that All Millionaires you really see in this website have! Ok?

To start, follow this simple instructions:

1) Mark this web-page as you home-page by clicking this button. This way, every time you open your browser, you will see My Web-site, and then you must Remember that OUR Goal is to Make Yourself Millionaire. Ok?

2) Followme on Twitter! My Account is @HowTo_Be_Rich We are going to be in contac by Twittwer. AND do click here Ok?

3) Input your email in this form to subscribe My Newsletter. I'm going to send by email, DAY BY DAY, all the Videos of Napoleon Hill (and Other Authors) subtitled in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and other languages. This way, you are going to Learn EACH DAY about 5 or 10 minutes out of the Wisdom of Master Hill. Therefore, Master Hill's wisdom, with his own words, will progressively penetrate your subconscious mind.

Email Address:

4)Click Here on this Video, to watch the FIRST Video of Napoleon Hill. I REMIND YOU to look at Napoleon Hill with All the Respect and Admiration deserved by a man who starting from nothing, earned over 40 Billion Dollars with his Own Work. A Man who wrote the Great Best-Seller of his Time. A Best-Seller that 70 Year Later is Still a top SIX Best-Seller in the World. A Man who Made ALL MILLIONAIRES OF THE LAST 100 YEARS, a Man who CHANGED the World, and that man from Now on is Your Master EVEN upon myself. Ok? Watch the video Now.

5) Start NOW Reading "Think and Grow Rich"!

If you already have a copy, then start reading it from today. Ok? READ ONE CHAPTER EVERY NIGHT before going to sleep.

FIRST - Read the entire book, ONCE, to generically Absorb that Wisdom contained.

SECOND - Read the entire book, AGAIN, by emphasizing this time, all those important phrases to you and writing most important uprising ideas down at the margins. OK, ATTENTION TO THIS! "Think and Grow Rich" is a WORKSHIP BOOK. The author himself DESIRED AND TAUGHT the same way to be read as I'm telling you. Some stupid people consider that emphasize and write on a book is a "lack of respect". If you agree that, you will be poor all your life. And that is a very stupid reason to be poor all your life. Don't you think?

Then, do as I say, by emphasizing and writing on the book THE SECOND TIME YOU READ IT (AND Never the first time )

THIRD - ReRead it entirely, writing down by hand the most important details you found in a notebook, SAME AS YOU WERE STUDYING FOR A HIGH-SCHOOL TEST or UNIVERSITY and you wanted to get the highest qualification . Ok? Remember that the Qualification of this Test will be Dollars in your Hands. Ok?

While all this time you'll be reading the book, I will be sending you emails with Videos of Napoleon Hill in order to fortify your Success Education. Ok?

Think and Grow Rich have 13 Chapters of between 10 and 20 pages each. Then if persist and Read ONE Chapter Every Night, You will take about 15 real days for every time you read it.

Then, we face a FIRST STEP of 45 days long for you to read "Think and Grow Rich" 3 Times. Ok?

This will be like you and I were establishing the foundations of a building. We will take 45 days in creating the foundations of this building because the one we are building together it's NOT a simple "little house", it is a wonderful skyscraper which will get up to the top of the Sky! So Big will be your Future Success! Ok?

Oh! A little last thing. If you don't own "Think and Grow Rich" book, then you can download it from here.

You can Download "Think and Grow Rich" legally, because this text belongs to public domain in the United States under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as it was published between 1923 and 1964 inclusive, and not renewed at the US Copyright office in a timely fashion. (Creative Commons license: Public Domain)

Also for sure, you can find a "Think and Grow Rich" free copy at any Public Library.

And if you'd like to buy a physical copy of the book, then I ONLY recommend you the "Think and Grow Rich! Original Version, Restored and Revised" by Napoleon Hill, edited by Ross Cornwel.

Why I recommend ONLY this edition of "Think and Grow Rich"?

Because in All New Editions, the editors CHANGE the Words of Napoleon Hill to "make them sound" updated according modern times. They also change the stories by replacing the Old Original Stories for New Today's Stories.

This DOES NOT like me! Not a bit!


This is an Achievement, and No other Author, No other Book achieved in ALL HISTORY OF HUMANITY. Then WHY THE HELL THEY CHANGE JUST A LITTLE COMMA???

Rewriting "Think and Grow Rich" by a Modern Editor, is like taking the "Mona Lisa" and a Modern Manga Painter repaints it to "adapt it to the new times". THIS IS ONLY A CRIME!

The Reader of "Think and Grow Rich", DOESN'T NEED a "new actual language", DOESN'T NEED "new actual stories". The reader of "Think and Grow Rich", ONLY NEEDS to read THE ORIGINAL WORDS, and THE ORIGINAL WISDOM, of Master Napoleon Hill. Because are these ORIGINAL Words the ones that MAKE YOU MILLIONAIRE. Do you Understand?

Then, if you are really going to buy the Book "Think and Grow Rich", Then click here to go to Amazon, and here you can See "Think and Grow Rich! The Original Version, Restored and Revised" by Napoleon Hill, edited by Ross Cornwel.

At this link, you can find "second-hand" copies of "Think and Grow Rich" for only $ 4 usa. And New ones for only $ 13 usa (original price $ 19, reduced for $ 13).

You can Pay by Credit Card or PayPal, and you can receive the book by mail in ANY country of the world in only few days.

Ok, if you're going to Buy a "Think and Grow Rich! The Original Version, Restored and Revised" click here to order it.

BUT I WILL NOT PERMIT that you, as my student, waste your time by 4 to 7 days which the book takes to arrive at you. Start During those days, to read the Free Downloadable copy of "Think and Grow Rich", HERE. Ok?

And if you really have a copy of Think and Grow Rich, you can reread it for now. But, really think about getting a copy of the edition "Think and Grow Rich! The Original Version, Restored and Revised". You can get one for $ 4 or $ 13 and if I'm recommending this is because I konow that Exist a VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE between the EASY that a person Make himself Millionaire with this edition VS another editions. My Master's 15 Years Coaching Millionaires Has Show this Clarefoul! Ok?

This is Really all for Today. Simply MAKE A STRONG DETERMINATION to Make Yourself Rich, SEE the Video, subscribe to the Newsletter AND START TO READ THE BOOK. Ok?

Today I will be Writing you by email, sending another Very Important Video of Napoleon Hill and some more Sexy Photos (I LOVE Money and Sexy Photos ^_^ I culecction all two ^_^).

Tomorrow, I will send Another Important Video (and more Photos of sexy girls ^_^), and I will do this, EVERY DAY for the first 45 days. Ok?

You MUST READ one Chapter of the Book, Every Night (or morning, but better before going to sleep because penetrates deeper into your subconscious mind). And you Must WATCH the Videos WITH FULL ATTENTION EACH DAY. Ok?

Remember, that Making you Millionaire, will be a WORK OF PERSISTENCE that you and me, together are going to do, to Make your Life BETTER! Ok?

I'm waiting for your email (Newsletter subscription) to do My Part. Are You the SERIOUS and DETERMINED enough to do YOUR PART?

I GUARANTEE You that if we both do each one his part, In 2 years time YOU WILL BE A REAL MILLIONAIRE! (2 Years or less! my Master only spend a Year in Make me Millonaire ^_^ I was a Very APPLICATED Studient (If is for Money ^_^). And I are a Very APPLICATED Teacher Too ^_^)

The Lets Go!!!

Ecual to W. Clement Stone's testimony, this is One of the Most Importants days of your life!

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Today is OFFICIALLY the First Day of your New Life!
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